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Meet Anna

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

When I first began my studies on female wellness, I noticed an overall lack of understanding and education of the female body.

Pregnant moms are often missing guidance and a true understanding of the many changes and needs of their pregnant bodies, and how these needs impact the health of their babies.

Postpartum women are typically left alone to navigate recovery while tending to new babies all the while often times depleted in vital nutrients and minerals. 


So that’s where I set my focus. The mamas. Because I firmly believe a healthy mama means a healthy baby.


However, it wasn’t until my own pregnancy and postpartum experience that I truly understood the impact of this lifestyle and mother-baby connection.

I relied on God’s perfect design of the human body (He created us with all the necessary mechanisms in place for our bodies to heal naturally given the right support) and my knowledge of that design to restore my health, and nurture my son.


My pregnancy was a breeze that ended in an unplanned C-Section and a postpartum experience that rocked my world.

I was navigating birth trauma, major surgery, postpartum anxiety, and breastfeeding a food allergy and tongue-tied baby.

I was getting no sleep and I had very little energy for my own wellness. So I had to focus on implementing small, specific tactics and habits to support my womanly body in order to really show up for my son as the mother God called me to be.

This holistic approach to motherhood (more than just nutrition, but truly a lifestyle rooted in faith in God) fostered whole wellness and balance, anchored me back to myself, and allowed for healing to occur.

While my son still doesn’t sleep much (sorry mama, can’t help you there), my body is fully honored, nourished, and supported in this season, and we can get you there too.

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