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*Disclaimer: I am not  a medical doctor, physical therapist, or dietitian/nutritionist, and I do not claim to be. I do not diagnose and/or treat illness and/or disease. Any recommendations I give are of my own expert opinion.

Please always speak with you healthcare provider before beginning any are workout or lifestyle program

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More than just a workout...

3 Online programs developed with your needs in mind:

Balance PlusOne, Balance After Birth, and Body in Balance.

Read more about the programs.

Each program contains workouts in 20 minutes or less, designed to correct postural imbalances and build strength, with specific education for mamas-to-be, new moms, and the everyday woman.

Gain a better understand of your female body through breath work and coaching, pelvic floor and core awareness and connection, myofascial and spinal stretching, and how to address and heal problems you may encounter, such as hip and low back pain, mom-wrist, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, and more through my Balance Foundations program.


For just $20 a month!

Minimal Equipment. 20 minutes or less. Monthly Membership. Cancel anytime.

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Balance Foundations

Start here for your foundation to each workout addressing breathing, pelvic floor & core, posture, and more.

Balance PlusOne

For mamas-to-be! This program is designed with your pregnant body in mind, with added coaching on proper core and pelvic floor activation to keep you safe and moving free of pain, as well as tips to address any issues that may arise. 

Body in Balance

For any body. Strength & Endurance workouts designed specifically for females. Safe for pregnant and postpartum (+8 weeks) mamas.

Balance After Baby

For the new mama! Beginning as early as 0-8 weeks postpartum. While I believe the immediate days after baby should consist of rest, just 5 minutes of mindful breathing and core connection a day can encourage healing and reduce stress, promoting a faster recovery and return to movement.