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The Holistic Approach

I am the biggest advocate of moderation because this allows me to live a balanced life in all aspects - mind, body, spirit. Balance is not about over exercising or beating our bodies into a smaller pants size, it’s not about restricting certain foods or calories, and it’s not about putting our needs on the backburner to care for everyone else. The approach is simple. Eat, Move, and Think with love for yourself. 


I believe movement should be a celebration of our bodies, and that food should taste good and fuel us throughout the day. When this isn’t our attitude, we suffer mentally, which leads to suffering physically as well. 


Far too many women approach exercise and eating as the enemy, when instead these are two very vital aspects to our health. My mission is to challenge that way of thinking. What would life look life for you if you stopped counting calories, over exercising, and berating yourself mentally?


This sparked a deep desire to fill in the gaps and provide women with education on their unique bodies, and help them achieve optimal health through the integration of movement, nourishment, and mindset so that they may feel strong and capable in their bodies, and deliberately make choices that maximize their well-being.

1:1 Training & Lifestyle Coaching

Includes Movement & Postural Eval, At-Home Program, & Nutrition Coaching


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