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Sign ups open September 15, 2022 - Spaces are limited!

Are you ready to

truly nourish your body, restore your health, and thrive in your vocation of motherhood?

Metabolic Mama

Maybe you've been feeling

a little like this...

overwhelmed with all the health advice out there, symptom chasing with fad diets and supplements, and trying to be the best mom you can be while running on stress hormones and coffee.

Pregnancy and motherhood take a lot out of us and as mamas it can be hard to meet our own needs, but it is vital that we do because the wellbeing of our children depends largely on the state of the mother's health - mental, emotional, physical, which is why prioritizing our own nutritional needs is invaluable.

Moms lose about 10% of their minerals stores after pregnancy and birth.

Without replenishing these lost minerals, many mothers find themselves depleted postpartum. Add in the stresses of motherhood like breastfeeding and interrupted sleep, and this leads to metabolic imbalances as the body works to continue functioning without these vital nutrients. Simply put, your body moves into a state of survival where it begins to prioritize only what's the most necessary, leading to a cascade of symptoms and breakdown.

"Healthy mama, healthy baby."

It's a frequently heard saying for a reason. Mothers dictate the health of their children. When a mom's wellbeing is lacking issues often extend past physical ailments into the emotional and mental decline as the body and nervous system are stuck in the survival state.

What if you could feel like this...

A clear understanding of what health truly is and what the body needs to thrive, more energy, a calmer spirit, and the tools to nourish not only yourself, but your family as well. 

You will learn the ins and outs of energy production and metabolism, how to assess and improve your metabolic markers and energy levels using a food-first approach, and what foods offer the most nutrients. You will also learn how to balance your blood sugar through food frequency and macronutrient balancing, and gain more awareness of your body and what works for your health. Finally, and most importantly, you will be given tools to implement these changes in your home for the overall health of your family.


A calmer mind and body, and better mood.


More energy to pour back into your family.


Improved metabolic health markers and mineral stores.



A detailed review of your health history, current diet and lifestyle, and health concerns and goals.

3 COACHING CALLS (1-1.5 Hours)
In-depth education of metabolism, hormones, energy production, digestion, minerals, as well as recommendations for diet, supplement protocols, and lifestyle changes.


Containing all the information and education on metabolic health,

The Food List of nutrient-dense and easy to digest foods,

The Adrenal Cocktail for replenishing vital minerals,

Ray's Raw Carrot Salad for better gut health,

Food As Medicine for using foods to supplement and restore,

Metabolic Marker Checklist and Food Logs for tracking meals,

Reverse Dieting Guide to move out of restriction into nourishment,

Creating Awareness Guide for understanding your body better, and
Recipes of my favorite family-friendly meals.

Progressive programs for pelvic and core health, breathing, postural improvement, and strength-based movement.

MONTHLY CHECK-INS (20-30 Minutes)
Scheduled as needed for between coaching calls.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: 3 HTMAs (Additional Cost of $200)
Hair Tissue Minerals Analysis Testing for more targeted approach for replenishing minerals with 3 additional calls to review results and recommendations. Learn more about HTMA's here.

(Includes HTMA Add-On)



Hi, I'm Anna!

I am a board certified holistic health practitioner specializing in women's health and wellness, but it wasn’t until I became a mom myself and was breastfeeding every 45 minutes around the clock for months that I truly understood what postpartum depletion was. 


The vocation of motherhood is an incredible honor, and while it is a vocation of true self-sacrifice, our health should not be included in that list - at least not for an extended period of time.


God designed the body with all it needs to mitigate stress – we are meant to labor, but He also designed us for rest. Without rest and restoration, we cannot continue to labor well. 


Moms know that the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” isn’t quite accurate. We can always find ways to pour into our children when we feel there is nothing left, but this isn’t sustainable and comes at a cost. 


I believe prioritizing our health allows us to labor in this vocation in a way that glorifies God and brings health to ourselves and our children. 

"God has given us bodies that we might care for them and serve him in them, until the time comes when he takes us from this life." - St. Thomas More


If you are ready to finally get to the root cause of your health symptoms using foods as the foundation. 


If you are a pregnant or new mom looking to restore lost minerals and know how to support your postpartum body with food and movement.


If you’ve been eating metabolically for a while now, but need more target support to meet new health goals.


This is program is for mamas ready to commit to doing the work to improve their health through food and lifestyle.



What is the cost of investment?

Upon signing up you will pay a lump sum of $760 for the total cost of one-on-one 6-month health coaching. If you choose to add the HTMA Tests, you will receive a second invoice of $200 after out on-boarding call.

What kind of information can I expect to receive?

My approach to health and wellness is about setting the foundation with whole foods first, focusing on those that are most nutrient-dense and easy for the human body to digest and utilize. I believe that red meat, saturated fats, and fruits (*not a complete list) are fantastic foods for health!

I do not prescribe to or coach my clients on following a specific diet (i.e. keto, carnivore, paleo, vegan, etc.). Instead, our time together will be about finding the foods that work best for your body at this time, and helping you to truly understand your physiology and what you need to thrive.

Education and information will focus on the metabolism and cellular health with recommendations tailored to the bio-individuality of each client.

Is there anything I need to do prior to our first session?

Upon signing up, please read over the Terms & Conditions, fill out your intake form in full, and schedule your on-boarding call.

How do I sign up for the HTMA Tests?

After our on-boarding call, you will receive a second invoice for your HTMA Tests as well as collection information.

What is required of me between sessions?

Clients will be asked to provide 5 daily food logs prior to each monthly call, as well as filling out the Metabolic Marker checklist. This is so that I can get a full understanding of what your diet is like (calories consumed, foods typically eaten, etc.) and how your markers are trending. This will help me make the best roadmap for our time together, helping you to slowly transition your diet and lifestyle to a more supportive and healing one.

What if after my investment I decide this program isn't right for me?

If after our first coaching call you do not feel like this program is what you need, you can receive a refund of $390 (Does not include price of HTMAs which will be added if one is ordered). This offer expires after 30 days following our first call.

This is truly an investment.

It's so vital that you approach this ready to make changes and get results. On this 6-month journey I will be guiding you so that after our time together is complete you are able to continue on with a deeper knowledge about your body and what you need to continue to thrive.

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