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Ask yourself...

  1. Is it easy to digest?

  2. Does it give me energy?

I like look to at whole foods through this lens, especially when it comes to feeding my son.

Because often times, in our pursuit of “being healthy” we are over-consuming foods that are low in carbs and just hard to digest (especially on an inflamed system).

And we are transferring this to our children.

Moms of kiddos still suffering from digestive upset, even after eliminating all the things, can really benefit from shifting how we view certain foods.

If you baby is super sensitive, we don’t want to further tax the system AND we need energy to heal. So take a look at what your little eats in a day, and see if you can increase some easy to digest carbs and add in more nutrient-dense foods.

The “good or bad” black and white viewpoint only furthers confusion and stress, and that’s not fun for anyone.

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