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Client Testimonials

I work with each of the clients below for different reasons. Either for prenatal exercise, meditation, postpartum rehabilitation, personal training, or lifestyle coaching - and they get all of the above in one way or another! Because we can't achieve total health without addressing each area. 

"I no longer have abdominal separation."

From a momma of 2. She was active during her first pregnancy, but was not practicing safe core exercises and suffered with diastasis recti after her first child. The gap closed to one finger width, but she could still feel it. She started training with me at week 12 of her second pregnancy. At 5 weeks postpartum from baby #2, no separation.

"I remembered our wall sits during contractions and you telling us 'you can do anything for 1 minute' and I used it to make it through labor."

From a prenatal client. Yes, I put my mamas into wall sits. We go into wall sits like we're sitting down for meditation - eyes closed, calm spirit. We work on belly breathing and verbal affirmations (You can do this, you are strong, you can do anything for 1 minute) to train the mind-body-spirit connection. When contractions come along, you're body recognizes something - it's been in a similar state before - and it draws upon what it was trained to do. 

"The concept of the Giving and Receiving mediation is changing my life."

From a Mamaste soon-to-be-Momma. This lovely momma as been coming to my mediation classes where we focus on cultivating a strong mental practice. The giving/receiving meditation addresses the mother's capability to change anything into healing light - for example, breathing in the discomforts of contractions, and then breathe out opening. 

"My nurse told me to hold my breath while pushing, and this didn't help me. I remembered everything you've taught me about exhaling through the 'hard part' and instead focused on my out breath, and after 2 pushes he shot out!"

From a prenatal and postnatal client. I emphasize correct breathing during exercise. I help the client focus on letting their breath guide each movement, and use a long exhale to power through a tough exercise. After breathing this way for many months, breath holding just didn't feel right. Instead she chose to listen to her body and allow her breath to do the work. Voila! Baby.

"No trainer has ever taught me about how the body works. I've been doing squats wrong this whole time."

(Lol. My personal favorite.) From a non-pregnant younger client. Although a movement may look right, it doesn't always mean the proper muscles are being fired/used during the exercise. This is why an assessment is vital to my practice and the success of my clients. Without truly knowing what's going on, exercise could cause more harm than good. 

"Everything you teach makes me feel a little more healed, inside and out."

From a postpartum momma. After baby, the focus is reconnecting and healing the self and the core. We practice foundational movements. When it's time to kick it up a notch, we do so in a safe, yet empowering way. I use verbiage that makes the new momma feel and believe in her strength, and we also focus on strengthening the whole body for the many years of picking up the ever growing baby. And the random aches and pains that come from delivering a baby are addressed and healed. 

"The best thing you've ever said to me was 'how did that food make you feel?' Because of that, I have finally healed my digestion issues."

From a mature lifestyle client of mine. I teach clients how to listen to their bodies and learn what their body is asking for. I also show them how to tell if specific foods worked well for them so they feel empowered to heal their own bodies. We learn about reading food labels to ensure choosing the highest quality of fuel for the body, the importance of consuming a diet of whole foods, and necessity of working in sometimes instead of always working out. 

"I feel much more in touch with my body, so I'm able to activate the appropriate muscles when exercising and feel stronger than before. I also have way more energy now."

From a dude. Yes, I also train men sometimes. Lifting the heaviest weights without having a clear understanding of all the moving parts can, more often than not, wreak havoc on the body. This particular client had injuries he was just living with - sore shoulders, constant neck/upper back tightness, and pain in the low back. We approach the mindset first, and break down the thought process of "more is best" and pushing through even if the reps look like complete chaos - which requires education on how the body works and what damage is being done. Now, no more injuries and way more energy. Learning about your body and allowing it the space and time to heal is imperative. 

So what can holistic health coaching do for you?

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