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Do you trust your body?

I was thinking about all the ways we have been encouraged to not trust ourselves as women, as especially mothers.

Something as simple as the advice to drink water when hungry because thirst can be mistaken as hunger.

Distrust in our body’s ability to birth our babies, encouraged to rely on drugs and medical interventions.

Then after baby comes, we are pushed to ignore our intuition - told to separate from our babies early, not hold or rock them to sleep, and so much more BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL THINGS.

It’s no wonder how we got here. It’s starts with ignoring our body’s basics signs for survival and trickles down to all areas thereafter.

That’s why this type of living - of learning to nourish the whole body - requires a complete lifestyle shift.

But if you want simple steps to get started, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, and rest when tired.

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