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Food vs. Supplements

Every time I ask why a mama is taking so many supplements, the answer is that she knows she needs more nutrients.

And she does - mommin requires quite a bit of support!

But the human body was designed to obtain these bio-available nutrients from food, not synthetic supplements.

Did you know most B vitamins are made from petroleum byproducts?

The other thing about food is that the ratios of nutrients are far more ideal than high dosing certain vitamins and minerals.

The body is always working to keep things in balance - adding in high doses of vitamins is just one more thing the body has to deal with.

Some supplements are more ideal (and sometimes needed) over others, but these are more targeted to your individual needs and quality matters here.

Here is a list of some foods that are PACKED with nutrients:

Beef Liver and organ meat

Oysters and other shellfish


Bone Marrow

Raw Milk

Fruit and fruit juices

Bone Broth

Grass-fed Meats

Eating more of these foods, and calories in general, is optimal over not eating enough for your body and then taking a handful of supplements.

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