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Healing Isn't Linear

Last night I did my second session with my Mom+Baby Gut Group, and I realized right before we were to start (maybe 3-4 weeks ago) Lucca had a huge flare up - eczema on his face and body which hadn’t happened for months and GI issues. And I had no clue what was the cause.

I stayed the course, and his little body settled down.

And since then, he’s eating chicken, eggs, and goat cheese regularly (something that wasn’t happening regularly before) - and I’m reminded yet again, that healing is not “one and done.”

As the body begins to get what it needs, things don’t just magically resolve, nor do they continue moving forward in a linear fashion.

There are many processes within the body and as it attempts to right itself that can cause an outward symptom.

Let go of the timeline.

“He should be healed by age one.”

“He should be sleeping through the night by now.”

“I should see results in 3 months.”

“In 6 months I should be ready to have another baby.”

“It’s been 17 months. This shouldn’t still be happening.”

“I shouldn’t still be dealing with this 7 years later?”

All things I’ve said.

But I’m just now getting comfortable with the fact that I will be healing forever.

I kept having a marked destination in my head of when all of our issues would dissolve and we would no longer experience sickness or symptoms.

Guess what? That day doesn’t come until God calls us home to Him.

Yes, we can do things to improve our quality of life, improve our health, improve our ability to handle stress, and live in accordance with His design of creation, but that perfect health I kept grasping for is found only in Him in heaven.

I believe our symptoms will improve (they already have so much), but letting go of the when and living our best today is all we can do.

So don’t get discouraged if you and baby are doing SO well, then something pops up.

Healing is not linear, and it's not a destination to be fully reached this side of heaven.

Continue to support your body and your baby’s, release the expectations and times lines, and pray for healing and patience. These things take time.

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