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Hey moms - can we stop normalizing and laughing about not caring for ourselves?

“My lunch is usually the crusts of my kids sandwich.”

“By the time I cook my kids breakfast, I don’t have time to eat my own.”

And on and on and on…

Being a mother is holy and divine work. It’s a labor of love for sure, and some days it’s even harder to nourish myself… but those days aren’t my norm. Because I don’t believe God wants that for us.

Not only does being undernourished affect our own health, but it also affects the health of our children and families.

There is a reason that we are told to put on our own masks before that of our children on flights - we have to be well to take care of them.

I understand the struggle of making it work - to have the nourishing foods available, to cook, to actually slow down and eat - but our health depends upon this lifestyle shift.

So! Let’s start prioritizing not just the fluffy self care, but the vital nourishment of our bodies so we may better live out our vocation of motherhood.

If you are having trouble finding the root of the thoughts/feelings/behaviors that are driving you to glorify being a depleted mom, I suggest a little Catholic mindset coaching - cause that ain’t from the Lord.

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