My First Trimester

It was a crazy end to 2019 and an even crazier start to 2020 - one that I wasn’t necessarily expecting, but am over the moon about!

At the beginning of December, I had this pull to really hone in on my start to 2020 and get things in order so that I could fully enjoy my two weeks off for the holidays and come back to work organized and ready to go. I spent the three weeks in December getting social media posts ready, my calendar for 2020 set, and streamlining work more than I have in the past to free up time spent on tiny tasks that I could automate better.

And all I’m saying is THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT, because just before Christmas we found out about the greatest gift of all!

The fog of the first trimester is lifting, so let’s back track a bit.

I finished my last day of work for 2019 on Friday, went to dinner with Katie and our husbands, thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of the holiday celebrations, and woke up the next morning to a big fat positive.

So surprised was I that I couldn’t even come up with a cute way to tell TJ about the pregnancy.

I simply walked into the living room and sort of blurted out (slightly incredulously) that I was pregnant. I just didn’t think it would literally happen Just. Like. That.

I can still picture his reaction, and it cracks me up.

The two weeks that followed consisted of eating and sleeping.

Then came the nausea.

I have to admit, I’m lucky in that there was only two minor instances of vomit (sorry) and my appetite was not affected at all. Although all I wanted was French fries, I was still able to eat my normal foods without aversions – except for stir fry/soy sauce/dumplings, things of the Asian nature.

And when pregnant women talk about cravings… they aren’t kidding. I had the most intense cravings for food I don’t normal want, like fried chicken. I’m a burger girl and the only burger that appealed to me for the longest time was a Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger, a burger I probably haven’t had since 7th grade.

What is that sorcery?!

I am happy to say, only because I was able to eat normally and the sight of fruit or protein didn’t cause me to puke, I was able to stay fairly controlled through the cravings of the not-so-nutrient-dense variety, opting for better versions of the chicken nuggets I wanted (thank you, Applegate) and allowing myself to pick up whatever once a week – mostly sandwiches and fries.

TJ was a huge help. He easily jumped into to taking care of all of the things we usually split with zero complaints as I went to bed around 7pm every night. The exhaustion is next level.

Needless to say, I did very little movement during that time. I think on a handful of occasions I had small moments of energy that allowed for basic mat work, body weight workouts, and walking. I did what I could and focused on resting.

That constant nauseous but hungry (starving) feeling lasted steadily until week 10.

Moving into weeks 11-13, the nausea was here and there – good days and bad days.

And exercise became more normal. I actually got in three workouts a week! The cravings of the fried and processed also calmed down, and our food budget thanked me.

Now into week 14, I haven’t had any real all day nausea in quite some time, though the fatigue is still there. I’m still able to exercise, and feel much better when I do, and my eating is pretty much back to normal with the exception of the increase of carbs my body is craving and needs (I ate an entire carton of strawberries in one sitting). Could this be the beginning of the second trimester goodness I’ve heard so much about?

Some highlights of the first (and early second) trimester are the day we saw a sweet gummy bear baby with a lovely flickering heartbeat at week 8, sharing our news with family and friends, picking up our first piece of baby furniture, and the day we heard a strong heart beat with our midwife at week 13.

Work wise, 2020 has been relatively seamless. I’m so proud of myself for taking the time to hone in on my processes. This has been a project of mine I had been working on through 2019, and to finish it off just in the nick of time feels like a Godsend (because it was), just as my intention for 2020 was trust well before I knew of the tiny life inside of me.

To sum it all up, the human body never ceases to amaze me – especially the female body. What miracles!

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