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Nourished Mama

I had a moment today driving in the car and singing to 6 Little Ducks that my mind and body felt really good, and this felt profound because we have been having a day today and sleep has been rough the past few nights. Lots of big feelings from my little man, molars, language exploding. All the normal challenges of toddlerhood + motherhood.

Except it hasn’t been exceedingly hard like it use to.

There were many days and nights where I didn’t think I had the temperament for motherhood. I loved being a mom, but figured I’d have to white knuckle my way through it - fighting the urge to yell and disconnect at every meltdown and late night.

I brought this to God. I prayed (and still pray) very hard for patience and peace.

I also prayed for physical healing. To be well. For fortitude in my healing journey to make the time for nourishing my body and soul and find joy and pleasure in doing so. I prayed for less mom guilt for caring for myself (this is not from the Lord) and more grace, and He has and continues to heal and mend my spirit.

I know that a physically healthy body (balanced blood sugar, adequate protein, minerals and more) play a huge role in a healthy mind, which HUGELY impacts how we mother and our relationships with our babies + spouses.

Motherhood is still hard in many ways, but if there’s anything I learned, it’s that without nourishment - body AND soul - it’s ten thousand times harder.

My prayer for every mother is that she knows the importance of honoring her own body and spirit, because what we do matters. YOU matter.

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