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Postpartum Depletion

Did you know that moms lose 10% of their mineral stores after birth?

And if you are a breastfeeding mama, then you will require an extra 700-900 calories to produce adequate milk supply WITHOUT the body robbing necessary vitamins and minerals from itself for the baby?

Why are these facts important for new moms? Because it should influence how, when and in what manner we return to exercise.

Adding exercise back in postpartum means nutrition requirements must increase significantly to restore minerals, maintain milk supply, fuel the body for exercise AND recover from the workout.

Contrary to popular belief (as all the moms know), you can pour from an empty cup... but at what cost?

Try this instead:

Focus on eating easy to digest & nutrient dense food, enough calories, & regularly throughout the day. Basically, give the body what it needs - STEADY FUEL.

For exercise, gentle movement like breathing, walking, stretching, posture exercises and play can be done while you are laying your food foundation and will be most supportive as you are returning to a more balanced system.

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