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Postpartum Movement

Exercise is good for you, but it is also a form of stress and therefore, so important that your form of movement serves your body in whatever season you are in.

My current season of motherhood, nursing, not sleeping, and, for a time, navigating food sensitivities and not getting enough nutrients mean I don’t do many workouts like I use to.

Here’s what I do instead:

1. All movement sessions 30 minutes or less.

2. Moving at an intensity and pace where I can maintain nasal breathing the entire time.

3. Movement sessions 3x a week to maintain consistency and fill my cup, but tweaked each day depending on where I am in my cycle, sleep the past few nights, etc.

Example: T/Th/Sat are usually my days for workouts without Lucca if TJ is in town. If I can, I sleep in on Saturday’s and have a little more energy. If I do weights, I usually do them once a week on that day until ovulation. Then I scale back after ovulation.

Tonight’s movement session: laying on the floor and breathing diaphragmatically, doing some rocking and/or myofascial stretching, legs up the wall. Cause mama tired and my cycle is about to start.

4. Adequate nutrition during the day and drinking OJ + collagen + sea salt during or right after.

5. Legs up the wall.

The simplest evening technique even the most tired mom can do it.

This one posture for a few minutes in the evening helps decompress the spine, encourages lymph flow, relieves tight lower back muscle, improves posture and promotes rest. And all you have to do is lay there (as long as your kids aren’t around to pounce).

Again, this is just the season I am in. Anyone else here with me?

I don’t have extra energy to pour out and even if I did, without adequate rest I wouldn’t recover very well. But I want to take time each week alone to check in on my body, breathe, and move intentionally.

Want a personalized program to help address postural discrepancies, improve core fiction, and increase strength that won’t leave you depleted? Message me for details.

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