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Prenatal Health

Maternal diet has been shown to impact the health of the baby, influencing the gut microbiome of the infant too. But did you know the environment in utero can also determine the future metabolic health of the child and have lasting impacts into adulthood?

"When the mother's hormones are imbalanced during pregnancy or nursing, the baby is "imprinted" with an altered sensitivity to hormones. Leonell Strong showed that these effects could be exaggerated generation after generation." Dr. Ray Peat

Fetal Programming is a similar concept by Dr. David Barker that postulates that the infants organs and functions are essentially "programmed" by the environment during embryonic and fetal development.

This kind of research shows the importance of maternal health through nourishment, stress management, emotional health, and more, but is often downplayed to not add to the stress and anxiety of mothers.

A kind effort; however, I can see how this way of thinking swung the pendulum a little too far and actually diminishes our role as moms.

Once pregnant, the female body is designed to do whatever it takes to ensure the baby's survival, even at the expense of her own health.

I mean, is that not just the truest definition of motherhood?

The problem with this though is that the process of robbing from the mother's stores to build a healthy baby is an incredibly stressful process. So while the demands are met for baby's health in that moment, the repercussions of hormonal imbalances, stress and more all impact the mother and the baby in ways that we don't necessarily see right away (refer back to my last post).

God designed us to provide for our littles in carrying them 9 months in pregnancy to birth and breastfeeding, but to do so while also nourishing ourselves.

When we are nourished well both mom and baby thrive.

Eating enough, eating regularly throughout the day (don’t skip meals), and eating nutrient dense & easy to digest foods are optimal for nourishment.

Motherhood is tremendous amount of responsibility, and a role that should be valued!

And it starts with us valuing our own health first and foremost.

AND the best part is we are designed to heal given the right support - so it’s never too late to make changes for yourself or your children.

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