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Recipe: Bone Marrow Butter


I talk about the importance of going back to our roots and eating animals in a nose-to-tail way - getting in things like bone broth, gelatin, collagen, organ meat, and bone marrow - with clients and in my course!

Bone marrow butter. The most delectable thing I’ve ever made (but isn’t anything with butter good?) and packed with nutrients!

Bone marrow is high in collagen, B vitamins, vitamin A, and anti-inflammatory properties like glucosamine and glycine.

Here’s what you do:

- Slow cook or roast your marrow bones (Google how to roast them properly so you don’t burn the marrow)

- Scoop out the goods and mix it with softened butter.

- Add your herbs! We did rosemary.

- Spread atop your sourdough (or use it to melt over roasted roots) and sprinkle with the most delicious Icelandic salt from @crucialfour.

Let all those vitamins and minerals go to work in your body!

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