Second Trimester Recap

Hi friends. It's been a minute!

My last blog on my pregnancy left off around 14 weeks. Here's what's been going on since then...

Week 15:

Around week 15 I had my first bought of S.I. Joint pain. Luckily, Katie Green of Green Living Holistic Health & Therapy is a miracle worker. She released some facial tension which helped my pelvis to realign, then I added in some strength on top.

Did you know that most women will experience S.I. Joint pain around this point in pregnancy due to the relaxin hormone increasing as the body gears up for a big growth spurt? More on that in a future blog post.

And grow we did...

Week 16:

Week 16 was my last week at work before COVID. Ah, the joys of growing a human during a pandemic. Let me just say, that second trimester required a lot of Jesus and a lot of oils.

Week 17:

Quarantined. My energy was increasing with that second trimester jolt, but with no outlet to place it, I turned to creating my online studio, Balance20.

Week 18:

Still quarantined. This is the week I woke up looking pregnant. Every morning up until this point I'd lay flat on my back in the mornings looking for that uterus bulge. No such luck. Until Week 18 when I literally woke up with a round belly. Also, I began learning how great I am at solitude and how bad TJ is at it.

Week 19-22:

Still quarantined. Week 19 was the launch of my online studio - such a fun accomplishment! Other than that, pretty uneventful given the quarantine. TJ and I found ourselves in a new routine working from home together. We spent lots of time outside, walking, exercising, and cooking. I am so grateful to say that I felt amazing and continued to for the rest of my 2nd trimester with very little aches/pains or symptoms of any kind.

Week 23:

We emerged from quarantine. Still feeling like a champ, still working that online studio.

Week 24-27:

Things slowly returned to normal and I was able to do the grocery shopping again.

During this time, we also started to up our education game, both of us reading more about birth, baby, and parenting. TJ started with "The Birth Partner" by Patty Simkin, and I dove into "The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide" by Genevieve Howland, "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize, and "Made for This" by Mary Haseltine.

We then began our Bradley Birth Classes with Paula Bradley via Zoom, which I'm happy to say transitioned to in-person classes once quarantined was lifted.

Self-education is HUGE when it comes to pregnancy and birth. You simply cannot learn it all or understand it all with just one birthing class or blog. It's essential to do your homework in this area, and the above books are a great place to start!

I'm pleased to say that I felt great 99.9% of the time during this trimester - and aside from that initial S.I. Joint pain flare up and the subsequent one that followed after sprinting after my dog, it was all good on the pregnancy front! My favorite part, by far, are feeling baby move - It's a feeling like no other!

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