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Self Care

Make self care a part of your lifestyle instead of another thing to check off your to-do list.

Moms, there are so many ways we can care for ourselves outside of going get our nails done (though this is great too).

But in our effort to take care of ourselves, self-care often ends up as a task to complete - something to check off our list.

How can we make caring for ourselves just part our life for health & happiness?

Self-care for me is eating breakfast and then regularly throughout the day. It's stopping the whatever I'm doing (housework or coaching work) mid-way to pause and refuel. It's telling Lucca he has to wait while I make sure I have water and snack before we head outside to play, or to run errands, or to nap. It's coordinating with TJ for time on Sundays to prep a few different snacks and meals for the week. It's honoring my body with a nap after being awake the night before without shame or guilt. It's taking 5 minutes at night to spend time resetting my physical body and caring for my scar.

Small, impactful lifestyle changes that become habits that create health is in my opinion the best self-care.

Now tell me, what’s a habit you want to cultivate in 2022 for your own health?

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