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Mamas - let’s talk priorities & budget.

These two seem to be big hindrances to moving toward more quality products. Because, let’s face it, quality comes at a cost.

But there are small changes you can make while still staying in budget.

1. Read your labels and swap for simpler ingredients. Many times a more straightforward product is the same price!

2. Shop local. Local beef and produce is better than big box stores because our local farmers (while it might not be totally organic or grassed) often care for their animals and their land much better than these huge chains.

Hit up your farmers markets and co-ops and talk to your local farmers. They often times will even let you visit their farm. I can’t wait to bring Lucca to see where our food is sourced from. I believe it’s important for children to know where food comes from.

3. Check out the EWG’s dirty dozen list. Each year the Environmental Working Group puts out the top produce that is sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. Prioritizing organic for these twelve can make a huge difference!

4. Rethink your supplements. Check out how much you are spending on supplements and see if you can get those vitamins and minerals from food instead.

Often, our supplements are a waste of resources if we are relying on them over food. They aren’t helping, they’re often contributing to the chaos.

5. Liver pills, bone broth and collagen are often more expensive than consuming real liver, homemade & gelatinous broths.

Again, can you source whole chickens from your market and save your bones (and feet) to make chicken bone broth?

Can you purchase oxtail from your farms and use that to make a stew high in minerals AND collagen/gelatin?

Lamb and beef shanks often come with the bone and the marrow. More vitamins and minerals there!

6. Companies like Imperfect Foods and Thrive Market all sell quality food at a lower cost than you would get at your local food store. Check them out for more info!

A little extra effort, yes, but convenience kills. Reworking our lifestyle and habits to make it to market, the butcher, seafood markets and fruit and veggie stands pays off in big ways - not just your own health, but directly impacting the livelihood of the skilled farmers who feed us and the land and animals.

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