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Mama, you can't supplement yourself out of postpartum depletion.

Trust me, I tried.

Popping a handful of supplements is way easier than meal planning/prepping, cooking, and simply eating more nutrient dense foods.

And supplementation may be needed, but supplements are just that - supplemental.

They should be used with care and targeted for your specific needs.

But they can't undo a poor diet and they can't be your go-to over food.

Our bodies are designed to function optimally with adequate nourishment from real food first.

Animal Proteins (nose-to-tail approach) & sea food, Fruits, Roots, Saturated Fats, Sugars like maple syrup & honey, some Gut-Friendly Grains (white rice soaked, sourdough bread, oats soaked).

Setting a solid food foundation first that replenishes minerals and nutrients, balances blood sugar, and encourages metabolic function + healing should be priority number one!

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